Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How it all began........fade to soft focus with dreamy music....

My name’s Gary. I live in Lincoln, which is the capital of the county of Lincolnshire, which isn’t known for much apart from sausages and potatoes…. I wonder if Lincoln Massachusetts has any better accolades……. I digress on with the blog…..

Having been brought up by parents who ran a junk shop and did pretty ok from it, and later started to sell at antique fairs and did ok at those too, you would think I would have had an eye for a bargain long ago..... Sadly no.

In fact the only member of my family who remotely inherited the nose for a bargain was my sister Sarah. Of course I dreamt of finding the elusive little beauty at a boot sale which never happened.

That was until I met Aiden and he introduced me to the wonderful world of console games.........and I've been a bloody addict ever since. When I started I did buy some clangers which my cupboard now pay homage to.... really must get that sorted out... but I’m learning to buy just the ones that will sell or to keep because they are rare and will always be worth a bit.
So this blog will mainly be about my exploits at car boot sales and anything related... I hope you enjoy reading it and will try and do an entry at least once a week.

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