Monday, 10 May 2010

Another weekend of busy car booting and jumble sale over with.

Saturday was a good day find wise. I got two solid silver spoons from the jumble sale for 10p. not a bad find at all… will be put away for that inevitable rainy day. After we’d been there went on to collect the money I from the auction I had taken some stuff to, didn’t do too badly, got rid of some crap lol

Sunday… for a start wasn’t so good because I was on my own, never as good when there’s no one to share your finds with, or have a second pair of eyes, second opinion etcetera.. so off I went on my own 6:30am to the newest sale of the Sunday trio in Metheringham, the sales looks like its going to be great in summer when it picks up and more and more people get to know about it. So I’m still hopeful about that one.

After ide been there for an hour and wondered round for about an hour I decided it was time to cut my losses and move on to the next one. Whisby car boot which is also a fledgling sale but if you get there early enough there’s some great bargains to be had. Didn’t manage to get a thing from there this time though I think was too late.
I must admit I was getting a bit downhearted by now.

So onto the next one north scarle. This one is an oldie it was going when I lived in gainsborough and I have stood it back then with a friend of the time. Never imagined then I would be an addict in my 40s lol.

The sun was shining and it was warmer than the forecast had predicted, so I was hopeful of a full field of eagerly waiting sellers just wishing to give their old games and consoles to me for next to nothing.

Alas I was wrong <> there was two and half row of stalls, with miserable looking sellers. I picked up a mini tv which I didn’t really want but do like them because they remind me of wanting them so badly in my youth but not being able to afford them, and having to wipe the drool off the argos catalogue afterwards. I picked it up and looked at it, turned it, was quite different to the ones I have at the moment so I asked her how much and was greeted with a grunt “ fivepound” which I would have been willing to pay if the seller hadn’t been so fecking miserable! So being the better person I put the mini tv down and walked away and left her to slit or wrists or something equally as cheerful as she looked and sounded! Feeling deflated about not buying anything from any of the boots I had so looked forward to seeing I moved on to the “never find a bargain on this isle” isle and low and behold whats the 1st thing I find? Final fantasy x-2 for 3 quid… few stalls up three top ds games for 20. now I was happy that I had got some bargains and could go and tell aiden about them

Today was Aidens day off so we went on the chaz run to grantham, I love chazzing almost as much as I love car booting. I got some nice retro dishes which will complete my replacement from cheap crap to old tat lol. But my piece of the resistance is a beautiful whitefriars vase in lilac for 20 quid. I love it and think I will keep it.
One thing I am kicking my self about is an old annual I looked at in the age concern shop in grantham and never tooke it cos I thought It was too deer, check it out for a price and its worth about 80 quid. So I’m off back tomorrow to see if it’s still there!

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